Stan's Plan

In late 2018, my dad created a method to efficiently donate to Democratic candidates during the midterm elections. I created a series of graphics to promote his solution, with the goal of targeting students my age to pass it on to their parents. It ran on Instagram and Facebook.


Fall 2018

Project Type



Graphic design

01 / What's Stan's Plan?

Through ActBlue, Stan's Plan is a website that allows you to donate to all Democratic candidates running in races that are a "toss-up." My dad made this very simple-instead of going through every candidates' website and inputting your credit card information over and over again, Stan's Plan allows you to enter a single dollar amount. It then evenly distributed that money to each candidate.

02 / Getting the Word Out

While my dad tackled the process of informing his friends about Stan's Plan, I tackled informing mine. To achieve this, I created a graphic social media campaign encouraging students to forward Stan's Plan to their parents. Here's the final product:


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